255 Mckibbin St
Brooklyn, NY 11206-3508

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We saw a loft we loved and put down a security deposit. After googling the building we were concerned about bedbugs. We asked for the security deposit back but they refused.

We ended up moving in and sure enough discovered mysterious bites.

The management tried to blame us, they sent some half assed exterminator which did not help at all.

It seems as if half of the lofts here are full of foreigners using this place as a hotel. During our time there we even saw multiple vacate orders po

sted due to illegal hotel use.

As long as this building is used by so many travelers the bed bug situation will never be fixed.

Hopefully you are researching this place before you put down a security deposit.

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Oct. 1, 2014

Before moving into McKibbin the landlord assured me that bed bugs wouldn't be a problem because they exterminate every month. One day I was home when the exterminator came and he sprayed next to the trash can and left, which is less than helpful. Recently one of my roommates got bedbugs and the landlord called his exterminator of choice, probably because he's cheap. We'll see if it helps at all. I'm moving out ASAP and I encourage you to not move here.

TL;DR: Very bad landlo

rds. Rent is too high. BEDBUGS.

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Roomed in apartment number 408. Bugs got very bad, infected each of our six bedrooms at different times. Went thru various stages of extermination, getting rid of furniture, furiously racking our brains as to how to solve it. Landlords offered nothing but exterminations thru their selected company, one which seemed indifferent and clueless as to helping us. Had four of them. Was very much a problem with the building, walls, etc. as we continued to get rid of our belongings and they remained. Had

to move out. Avoid this building, please. Landlord needs to take problem seriously.

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We heard rumors there were bed bugs at our new place before we moved in, but the landlord Marty promised he sprayed everything and gave it a clean bill of health. A day or two later we saw our first bug. When we told Marty about it he tried to turn it around on us as if we brought them in, despite none of us ever having a problem previous to the move and the past tenants complaints. If that attitude persists the infestation will only continue to grow, as Marty refuses to take the problem serious

ly. Because Marty refuses to take ownership of his problem and encourages tenants to break their lease rather than spend the extra money to properly exterminate the place, he is placing the well being and health of 400 some tenants in danger. Please help us take care of this hazard.

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My girlfriend's roommate at McK lofts has them. I'm thinking I should look for a new girlfriend.

Bed bugs are the least of your worries in this building! Wanna sleep . . . Forget living here. Want security . . .forget living here.

Also see 255 McKibben St. here on bedbug registry. Lots of reports there.

The McKibbin lofts are notorious for having bed bugs. What happened to all the prior accounts that you used to be listed here?

Two apartments in our hall had beg bugs; not sure if they were confirmed cases, however, I have been seeing discarded furniture marked "bed bugs" in our halls and outside the building ever since I've been living here (since August 2010). Our landlord sent the maintenance man to our place the other day, but I do not know if they have a license to administer pesticide. If not it is illegal for them to do so. Further, I found out that the landlord is required to submit a one year report of the apar

tment's infestation history to new tenants, which we never received either. Avoid this building!!! There are holes and inadequate insulation between the apartments, which is why I think the pests are able to spread so easily.

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because people dont speak out. this is the perfect forum to let people know about bed bug problems people please speak out . help out the next tenant. maybe then bloomberg will pay attention and invest more the 500,000 in this problem and actually fix it.

I don't know why there aren't any reports for this building as there used to be a bunch. And for good reason. The place was infested when I was there. Avoid.

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