244 Montrose Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11206-2821

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Bed bugs found again-- a year later-- in my apartment on the first floor. Landlord refuses to take responsibility, blames us, and threatens eviction. He is sending exterminator today but refuses to acknowledge that this is a building-wide issue!!! don't move into this building if you are considering it!! Landlord is horrible slumlord with a bad temper.

September 22 bed bugs on entire 3rd floor. Exterminator reports whole building is likely infested. Tenants paid for some extermination. Landlord reports building extermination to begin this week.

Found Bed Bugs in the apartment and had them treated immediately. The Bugs returned 2 weeks later and the exterminator returned and told us they were in the walls and could have spread to the whole building. He suggested the landlord have the entire building inspected and treated. The landlord has neglected to recognize any problems. This infestation will persist in this residence until action is taken.

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