240 Montrose Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11206-2821

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ive been living in this building for the past 24yrs of my life and all these people do is talk shit. how come is it that everyone has bedbugs but us, um let me take a wild guess, ya were a bunch of disgusting pigs who never cleaned. & some of the tenants here all they do is pick up trash (unused stuff) from other buildings and bring it into their home w/o cleaning it. so of course they had bedbugs and according to my understand pets (such as cats n dogs) bring bedbugs too! clean up after ur pets

den u wouldnt have bedbugs! bunch of dirty pigs was wat ya are. *im signing off this *8/2011!!

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This building has bedbugs living in the walls, the cracks in the floor, and any place they can sneak into. Those tenants who have sealed up every possible crack with expensive renovations, new floors, walls, and ceilings, do not have problems with the exception of the bedbugs crawling UNDER DOORS. I have seen sticky paper underneath the entrance to units with dead bedbugs all over them. My room was exterminated from 09/10-06/11 ( no exaggeration) 8 times. I still found bedbugs crawling out from

4-5 separate locations nightly.
The exterminations that the landlords provided us with are done by wonderful professionals, but even they acknowledge that there is no way to get the bedbugs out of the walls without moving everyone out of the building, renovating, and doing a full building extermination.
Moving into this building will be your biggest mistake, and I highly recommend looking elsewhere. You will get bedbugs, as we did, and you will suffer for it, as will your things, and your wallet, as you pay for new clothes, and a new apartment.

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I live in this building for over 2 years
great landlord!! I never had a problem with
bed bugs we have a great exterminator which comes every month and exterminates the apt.
The landlord gives great service I really appreciate it.

I lived there from late March to Mid Dec 2009. About late Oct 2009 i started getting bites but dismissed them for mosquito bites. Eventually I found out the entire apartment building has had infestations for years. There's about 8 units there and of the 4 that i surveyed, ALL 4 of the units have had problems in the past. Only 2 of them still live there and i suspect because it's rent controlled for them ie. they're willing to deal with the issues. The landlord is either not educated enough to pr

operly deal with a building infestation or just doesn't care. they send PCOs who do spot treatments but this is clearly not enough. The entire bldg must be treated as a whole or nothing will stop the bugs - there's plenty of research to support this. Of the 4 that i surveyed, 2 of them have had to seal the 100s if not 1000s of cracks on the floors and walls and have had to taken severe preventative maintenance on a frequent basis. Not acceptable for an expensive apt! My neighbor on the 2nd fl left bc he had been battling this 3x in the span that he's lived there (another testament to why spot treatments do not work). Eventually i called my landlord out on this and he let me leave the lease but lied and told me he would give me my deposit when he found someone to replace me. This never happened. It's been close to 6mos already and he's dodging my calls still. Need to file a report against him and call a lawyer.

This building is infested and i highly do not recommend living here.

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