152 Graham Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11206-2602

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The problem first started in December of 2008 when our roommate was bitten, no signs of bugs, though. We had an exterminator come in, we cleaned all our clothes, bought mattress protectors, etc. We didn't see any signs again until March of 2009. We brought in a new exterminator and re-cleaned everything. There was never an infestation, only bug bites to one of the roommates and we would periodically see a bug or two in the living room or excrements. The exterminator said he had never seen a

case like this, it went on until we moved out in late August. They just wouldn't go away no matter what we did. We came to the conclusion that they were coming in from another building.

I must say, however, that the landlord was EXTREMELY cooperative with us. He was more than willing to pick up the tab for the exterminator, and when one wasn't doing the job, he would offer to find someone else. I consider us very lucky in that respect.

As I mentioned, we have since moved out. I hope that the owners of the neighboring buildings have taken action as our ours did and hope the new tenants don't encounter the same problem we did.

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