100 Manhattan Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11206-2502

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We moved into this apartment in November 2010. We were not notified of any previous history of bedbugs being a problem in the building. We started experiencing bites in April of 2011 and after speaking to our upstairs neighbors, found that they had dealt with an infestation a few months beforehand and that the problem was not properly controlled/eradicated by the landlord. Our landlord attempted to treat the apt with an un-proffesional and underprepared exterminator who was unable to provide pro

of of being liscenced. Since then we have hired a PC company of our own choosing and are currently in an ongoing battle with our landlord to fully eradicate the problem. The upstairs neighbors are also dealing with the infestation.

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We found out from the previous tenants that they had bed bugs even though they insisted there were no bugs. A Sniffing bed bug dog found bed bugs inside the walls of all the apartments the first week of October 2010

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