165 Graham Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11206-2131

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Well, I wish I had checked this website before I moved in here. I moved in August 2010, and shortly after happened across this site. There was a listing for the exact apartment I am in (4L) from the summer of 2009, and that listing suggests the problem goes back even further. It had said there was treatment, so I was hoping for the best. Well, we didn't have a problem for over a month and then all of a sudden we get tons of bites. I found one bug a few days latter. That is actually the onl

y one I have ever found, but where there is one you can bet there are more. My advice to anyone looking to rent here is to really make sure you get proof of recent extermination. The landlord, Rolando, is really a nice man. I actually feel bad posting this. I just don't think he realizes the gravity of the situation. He also does not speak much English, so if you don't speak Spanish communication can be difficult. We never signed a lease, so have decided to move out rather than hope he can fix the problem, which seems to have been around for a while.

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Bed bugs infested my dresser which was serving as my head
board. For the most part they seemed contained to the
larger of bedrooms in apartment 4L.

When I told the landlord he had confessed that there
had been bugs in the building before.

I called terminix and threw out the bed, dresser, and boxspring.

Terminix sprayed 3 times over te course of several

I just moved and Ive found bugs in my new

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