83 Meserole St
New York, NY 11206-2053

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Hi "132" I'm looking at an apartment in this building. Can you give me an update on the situation??

hello i am a currently living here at 83 meserole corner of leonard and meserole lorimer stop. attached is a communication between the landlord and i

Meserole Properties to me

Alert to all !
We have had an infestation of bed bugs in 2 lofts. The exterminator has been in the building an guarantees to eliminate the problem. The name of the firm is Hill\'s Pest Management LLC 718-296-5900 and the owner Mark is dealing with our building.
Two lofts have received preventative treatment as n

o bugs were detected but the tenants requested this offensive approach.
There is no cost to you for the inspection and treatment .
Call to schedule an appointment at your convenience but ASAP.

me to Meserole Properties
show details Aug 24 (2 days ago)
Which lofts were the bed bugs in? What floor? If no bed bugs were detected then how is there an infestation?

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Meserole Properties to me
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2 lofts had bed bugs - #204 and 304 - 2 others were checked and had none - please have them check for lofts - thanks
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