30 Scholes St
New York, NY 11206-1810

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I have lived in this apartment for almost two months now.
The bed bugs infestation began a month into my stay. When we finally spoke to the landlord about our problem we found out that the above apartment had been sprayed the week before. Well My guess is they migrated to my room after this. I have now had my room sprayed three times and after a couple of days after spraying each timeI find a new bite. My housemate was away for a week when I started getting bitten so they came directly into

my room. Having spoken to the landlord I have been made to feel as though it is my fault that I have bed bugs and that I brought them with me. Yes I was in a hostel before this but I did not receive any bites while I was there and my bites occurred a month after I arrived at the apartment. The bed was already in the apartment - that is where they found the infestation initially and I threw the bed frame away after it was sprayed. No bugs or eggs were found in my luggage on inspection either. I'm at my wits end. I kind of feel as though my housemate doesn't believe me - she hasn't had any problems in her room. And This has all become a huge expense with all the washing and dry cleaning I have to keep doing, not to mention the lack of sleep. I am a poor student here for the summer. It is all a bit too much. I am scared I'm going to take something with me. What else can I do?

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