183 Maujer St
Brooklyn, NY 11206-1332

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I live in this building
great landlord!! never had a problem with
bed bugs we have a great exterminator which comes every month ... and exterminates the apt...
landlord gives great service i really appreciate it...

Lived in apt 4L between 2005-2008. This building definitely has bedbugs. We started getting bitten towards the end of 2008 and I knew the people 2 floors below us had bedbugs. Since they don't treat the whole building at once the bugs just travel up and down. We finally moved out after I found one and saved it in a zip lock bag to show an exterminator. He confirmed it and we proceeded to treat our belongings and slowly begin the week long transition of moving out (since everything had to be wash

ed/ sprayed with alcohol/ zip-locked for eternity/ discarded). We had to throw away our bed, couch, suitcases, and several other pieces of furniture that we didn't want to risk taking with us. Thousands of dollars lost. Not to mention the cost of the mattress covers, giant zip lock bags (for books), and replacing all our furniture. And then I had the exact same experience as the other tenant spoke about, getting our deposit back. When I finally threatened our landlord by saying I would tell everyone who looked at the apartment that there were bedbugs, he finally gave us our deposit back- and never showed the apartment while we were still living there. And the exterminator they use is a joke. He basically sprays roach spray around ever so often, and probably knows there's no way to get rid of them without doing the whole building at once.

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Think twice about moving into 183 Maujer Street!!!

My apartment had been infested with bedbugs 3 times right before I moved in. The landlord didn't tell me about this, though--the tenant below broke the news to me.

Also, dealing with the landlord to get back the security deposit has not been what I would call a fun experience. I moved out over a month and a half ago--I have called the landlord about 20 times to inquire what the hold-up is with issuing me back my deposit. Once the landlo

rd's secretary dealt with me by telling me he had already put it in the mail. A week later, it still hadn't arrived. When I called back, his secretary told me that he would put it in the mail to me that week. Ten days after that second conversation, I still have to make daily calls to them. People considering moving into 183 Maujer--be forewarned!

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Upon moving in, our agent denied any bed bugs in the building. A few months later we found out that not only DID we have them, but as did 5 other units in the building. The landlord is somewhat responsive, but the problem remains, and despite exterminators, bed bug powders, and living out of plastic bins, we contiue to get bit.

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