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First floor apartment. I didn't see the first bedbug until late July, but started to be bitten 4-5 weeks before then. I've only seen nymphs in my room, but when I examined my roommate's mattress and box spring (which is in the next room- it's a railroad apartment layout), I found it was seriously infested. She obviously doesn't react to the bites, but I'm really allergic to them. I hadn't heard any reports of them elsewhere in the building before this, but once I started telling other tenants, s

omeone on the top floor said they thought they had them, though strangely they didn't seem to think they needed to call the landlord about it. I have seen a lot of mattresses going out on the street in front of the buildings closer to Grand this summer. Landlord has been reasonably responsive (for him) thus far, though I am pretty sure he is just going to bring in someone to spray a lot of pesticides. I am doing my best to launder everything I own and vacuum all possible hiding places. I had them before and had to have all of my possessions fumigated and move as a result. I'm hoping not to have to repeat that outcome.

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