20th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11204

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We live in 2072 20th lane, Shore Heaven Appartments. About 2 years ago we started a battle with bed bugs. Maintenance exterminator didnt help us, they just sprayed some liquid, that didnt work. So we had to do everything ourselves. After extermination it was ok for about 6 months, but than bed bugs came back, and than in another 6 months it happened once again. Same problems our next door neighbors have. So we finally decidet to move out, because we justcant take it anymore!

I live in shore haven apartments at 8831 20th ave. brooklyn, ny

I use the laundry at the basement.
I think that is how I got it or the heating pipes.
I always wondered why my neighbors don't
Until one day I was changing the linen
on my sofabed and an explosion of bedbugs
were on my walls

I had to throw all my furniture and buy new.
but still the itching once I fell asleep
is horrible.

The landlord exterminator refuse to come
unless we move everything out of the drawers
and wa

sh everything. This is not feasible.
Even when they came some years ago, they just
spray some liquid.

The basement had bedbugs all over the ceiling and the elevator and the laundry room. (They painted the basement to cover it but I don't think it will go away.)

I wanted to move but the rents around will cost me extra $5000 a year which i don't have.

I am staying in my misery with bedbugs hoping one day can afford a better home (win the lotto or drop dead).

Thank you a lot for listening to my misery. you really can't talk to anyone about it.

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