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March 31st of 2009 I spent the night at a friends place, the next day I got itchy. Didnt think anything of it until I counted 25 dots on my body. By the second day they are welts and itching even more. The feeling range from severely itchy to painfully throbbing. I called my friend to ask if he had gotten any bites. He said no, I suggested he possibly had the window open and a drunk mosquito lose. He told me they had them a few years ago and was assured they were gone, being exterminators giv

e impression to complete extermination.

Being my friend was not bit or shows no reaction. my skins Co2 signature must be a variable bed bug and mosquito attractor. I will not let my friendship be torn apart by bedbugs. And I can only hope that by placing my clothes in a plastic bag till launder they wont be coming to my place. If your not allergic like I am, Its a creepy annoyance. But for me It looks like im growing other appendages, especially in places bitten more than once in close proximity. Please Legalize DDT or come up with something already. Relationships are being torn apart by these things. People are being lied to and placing the blame on everyone else but the damn bugs. landlords cant carry the load alone when nothing REALLY WORKS except moving.

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