1762 65th St
Brooklyn, NY 11204-3736

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We had moved into a new apartment on the 4th floor and we did not really experience anything until about 2 and a half weeks into living there. We had ordered new furniture from ikea and suspected it might have came with the bed frame, but we found no evidence what so ever on the frame, nor the mattress or anywhere near were we sleep.

Upon moving in, we noticed that there was alot of exposed cracks in the baseboards of the walls so anything can move in and out of that if anyone else somehow br

ought bed bugs in. After all, the building occupies 16 family apartments.

The landlords agreed to split the cost with us since they insist that they should blame us for brining them into the apartment and also since they have claimed to never had any bed bug issues (or at least to there awareness) but meanwhile there was bed bug killer in the basement of the building and they could not explain why.

They also offered to give us our money back in full to leave if we wanted which was a bit strange. I also noticed a few boxes laying on my steps for about a weeks that might of been stuff the other tenants might of ordered. how do we know they did not come from those boxes ?

If anyone finds this from the building, and you have experienced anything prior to march 21st please post something.

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