1556 Dahill Rd
Brooklyn, NY 11204-3537

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We woke up one evening because my boyfriend was bit and had an enormous welt on his back. we searched the sheets ( we thought we were looking for a spider or a HUGE misquito ) and instead we found 11 living bed bugs around the edges of the box spring and matress, all different sizes, all filled with blood (ie recently fed and of different ages/generations which means eggs have been laid and hatched) there are no signs of an infestation in the apartment, although there is clearly an infestation

somewhere. The first one we found was on the baseboard of the wall behind the bed and when we went to grab it, it tried to crawl into a hole on the base board. There have been mattresses in the apartment buildingd trash consistently every couple of weeks since january or february (it is now july). We thought we saw one bed bug last february but turned the apartment upside down and never saw another one so figured we had been mistaken or that we were REALLY lucky. It was in the living room, also on a piece of furniture that sits up against a wall. Can we extreminat the apartment successfully if they are living in the walls of the apartment building?

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