343 Gold St
Brooklyn, NY 11201-3016

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I just moved out of this bulding and there was a bed bug problem. Not on every floor as it is a new building, but there are bed bugs. primarily on the lower floors. Not sure why just the lower floors, other than they rented the apartments after building starting with the lowest floors.
I personally didnt have an infestation (that i know of yet), but i had a discussion with 2 other tenants, on the 2nd and 3rd floor, regarding the matter. The management of the building is shady and doesnt se

em to be concerned with it all. They basically say that since it is a new building, the bed bugs came with the residents and it isnt their problem to deal with. Which might be true, but none the less, bed bugs dont just stay in the apartment they arrived in, they spread if not dealt with.

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Any update to this story?

Any update to this story?

The building reported that there were two bedbug incidents. These occurred before our moving in so I don't have too much detail. Apparently things were "handled" and an exterminator was brought in.

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