34-19 29th St
Astoria, NY 11106

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Hey guys - any update on the bed bug situation in this apartment? I am about to sign a lease and would really appreciate an update.

I am about to move into the building on the 1st floor. PLEASE PLEASE let me know if the Management did something about this horrible situation and if it is effective. I would really appreciate it.

I live in the 3 floor.
I never saw it, but my friends stayed , they found three of them , I become paranoid ...
I will see when I will back home ...

4/28/2011. My boyfriend and I was move in to this B.D begining of 2011 to apt 6L and we spend almost $5000 for this apt security diposit,broker fee,first and last month diposit.The apt is really nice and clean we also buy many of furniture in to the apt but we end up having bed bugs all over the place.they bit me and my bf we had the exterminator come twice but it dosen't work even worst they come out more in the warm ,hot day (they don't come out in winter) I try hard to get lid of this annoy

ing thing but still I still have 1 year least to go.Every night we can't go sleep well and so paranoid.my neighbor got it to on 6,5,3 floor.the teriblething is they said on the lease but we didn't see it because they hide that paper all the way in the back:(((( anyway good luck with ur apt and don't let the bed bugs bite...

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Thank you very much for this post. I was hours away from signing the lease for the apt, 6L. The mgmt company did not disclose to me that there was a bed bug problem and required a two month security deposit. You saved my life!

Infestation on 3 floors in the south wing of an 84 unit pre-war elevator building. At least 3 apartments affected, including mine. I fought over a year long losing battle, and eventually had to move out last week. My apartment was professionally exterminated 5 times unsuccessfully, because other units were never inspected or treated in unison. I was told by the exterminators that they had to be living within the walls and baseboards, and that until further coordinated extermination the problem w

ould continue. Please, please, please DO NOT move into this building. The units that are certainly infested are 6L, 5L, and 3P.

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