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This is a general comment about Euclid Hall and WSFSSH. I worked here as a social worker for five years. I have never been a part of a more devoted and caring staff team, including the building management. If there has been and continues to be a bed bug problem, I cannot imagine that is is because the staff are reluctant to deal with this problem.

My uncle resides here and he is absolutely infested with bed bugs, from his bed to his pillow to his clothing. He has reported this to the social workers in his building and though they have done several "treatments" to his bed it seems that the bugs return with avengence. It is really a sad and disgusting thing. The entire building is filled with them and the majority of the residents there are living with serious health conditions. Though it is said that the tenants are not mandated to have th

eir rooms treated for bd bugs, I feel the condition is so serious that it should be mandated and needs to be mandated. I dont know how to help and what else can be done, but the problem is serious. My uncle has blood stained pillows and sheets from the bugs eating away at him. Today's date is 3/12/10

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This is an SRO that houses about 270, formerly homeless elderly tenants. All the tenants come here from the shelter system. Since it is considered independent housing the tenants are not required by building managemnet to have their rooms treated if they are found to have bedbugs. There is an overwhelming increase in the bedbugs here and have begun to encroach on the professional social service staff housed in the building to work with the tenants. Unfortunately building management has either be

en unable to or reluctant to address the problem for the staff, let alone the tenants that live and work here. They have known about bedbug occurances here since about the early 90's and have not done much in the way of prevention. Even now that bedbugs have been spotted at an alarming rate in the social service departments and offices, little is being done to address the issue for the staff. In addition they work tirelessly to help their clients with bedbugs and are now faced with dealing with them in thier offices. THere is no measure in place to help/assist staff should they take these things home...
What is to be done?!?!!?

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