21-27 33rd St
Queens, NY 11105

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I moved here, the Acropolis Apartments in Astoria, from the Oregon in July. I had heard about the bedbug problem here as it is a bit of a problem in Portland. When I came to look at the apartment, a couple was moving in upstairs after leaving their bedbug infested apartment in Manhattan. They said they were very careful only bring some bagged clothes and leaving most everything else behind.
When I moved here, I bought a bug-proof liner from Amazon for the mattress and (don't forget) the box spr

ing. Before I moved in, the property management company fumigated the place, whatever.
After two months, I found a bedbug, bloated with my blood, crawling on my back as I was waking up. I found two more a month later.
I checked the bed and found about a dozen live bugs living between the metal frame and box spring along with their poop stains. I took my clothes steamer and fried the suckers to death!
I got some cheap plastic bowls and plates for all legs of my bed. A lot of beds have legs in the middle so don't forget them. I ordered diatomaceous earth online and poured some in the plates at the base of the bed legs. This kills bedbugs. I also poured a line of it around the perimeter walls. Check online how best to deal with bedbugs, they're here to stay.
If one apartment has them in your building, then all of them will at some point.

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