22-11 33rd St
Astoria, NY 11105

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We actually live in the same 'Acropolis Apartments' complex next door at 21-27 33rd Street. We moved here from a private house on the west coast and were bed bug free. I even bought bug-proof liners for the mattress and box spring in anticipation from all the news stories about NYC bed bugs.
Well, after 4 months, I've found a bed bug on the sheets three different times. I inspected the bed and found many more live bugs and their poo between the liner and metal bed frame, disgusting. I used our

clothing steamer to fly the little buggers where they clung to the liner.
Bed bugs, just like the mice I hear running above our ceiling, can go from apartment to apartment with no problem.
I've added homemade bug traps at the bed legs and least don't intend to get eaten while I sleep.
Bed bugs are, unfortunately, here to stay unless we can freeze the entire building at the same time and that will never happen.
This is the new reality of our wonderful world.

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I know of five apartments (including my own) in the 17-apartment building that have reported having bed bugs in the past year (2010), some worse than others. Likely, other apartments have had them, but the landlord has pressured tenants not to talk to other tenants about it. The exterminator he uses does the bare minimum of spraying pesticide on baseboards.

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