2270 27th St
Queens, NY 11105-3112

Found 3 reports:

Coming back to report excellent response from landlord of 2270 27th St. Had a PCO with bed bug experience/specialization visit our unit on 7/30. Landlord was there to supervise and PCO himself was very helpful and willing to explain what he was doing and why. Have seen no bugs or bites since he came. He came out for a follow up on 8/13, and I've slept in my bed with no problems. Keeping fingers crossed, but am very glad to have a sympathetic and responsible landlord.

#1-B Found in bed area about a week ago; suspect mild infestation for at least three weeks when bites and fecal stains (didn't realize what they were at the time) started to appear. Have since seen live adults, nymphs and cast skins. Have seen two adults in living room. Have notified landlord, waiting for action on his part.

#1-B After a couple of weeks of bites and noticing odd stains on our bedding, my wife and I finally saw a specimen. Upon inspection, we found more adults as well as nymphs and shed skins around our bed area in one bedroom of the apartment, #1-B. First sighting: one week ago. Have notified landlord, awaiting action on his part.

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