2332 28th St
Astoria, NY 11105-2802

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06/30/10. The 20-somethings in apartment 2B have bed bugs, and their solution was to place an infested desk on the building roof, the mattress and box spring in front of the building, unmarked and unwrapped, under an open bedroom window of another persons apartment, for a week, and the couch in the basement! Oh, and they sprayed cinnamon.

They did not tell the tenants or the landlord about the problem. When I found out, I told the landlord, and HE is trusting the 20-somethings to solve the p

roblem with a hand steamer and some magic powder...

I am going to follow the laws: Send the landlord a certified letter informing him that he has 30 days by law to properly deal with it, and that he needs to hire professionals. I have informed the rest of the tenants. I have informed the attached building tenants. I am reporting it to 311 and here.

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