2116 35th St
Queens, NY 11105-2102

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We lived on the 5th floor of the Acropolis at 21-16 for two miserable years. There was plenty of bug-sign (roaches in the kitchen) when we moved in, but we were feeling desperate to find a place and ignored it. There was a note left in the mail-box in permanent marker that said "Good Luck." I should have heeded this as a warning instead of a gesture of good-will.

The neighbors below us and next to us were filthy. When we called our immediate landlord at the time, he sent a ma

n with a bottle of Raid who sprayed behind a few pictures and left. We had to get rid of EVERYTHING when we moved. They were EVERYWHERE, even though we had tried and tried to spray/bug-bomb them out of existence.

I won't fill you in on all the filthy details, but I will warn you against moving into these seemingly charming buildings. I am glad to hear that things are better in NYC now, and that landlords are required to not only divulge BB info, but also TREAT them properly.

Good luck!

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Mine is for 21-58 35th St, 4th floor. I moved into this unit 7 months ago from out of town. I wasn't too thrilled about this place and I found a can of bed bug/flea spray in the apartment after signing the lease and tried to ignore it.

I would say approx 2 weeks after I installed my wooden loft bed my boyfriend at the time started getting bites and we thought it was a mosquito that we had(obviously, I didn't want to believe it was bed bugs...dumb). Here I am 7 months later throwing away so mu

ch stuff and moving out b/c of these pests!!

It's unfortunate that a landlord didn't tell us about the situation to begin with. I feel cheated and IT IS YOUR RIGHT AS A TENANT TO KNOW IF YOUR BUILDING HAS HAD A BED BUG PROBLEM IN THE STATE OF NEW YORK. When you move, do your research, ask a million questions, read your lease!

I've read enough complaints on here about Acropolis Gardens and think that legal action needs to be taken. I'm doing all humanly possible to make sure this doesn't happen to another unfortunate victim. ACROPOLIS GARDENS IS A DIRTY MESS, DO NOT MOVE HERE! JUST DON'T MOVE HERE!

I feel helpless right now, I'm just grateful I have the means to get out even it it means throwing away most of what I own. I'm making flyers to stick under current tenants doors in hopes that they will stand up to the management here and their landlord if they have had a problem.

No one should live under a Health Code Violation, everyone deserves clean and safe shelter. Don't be a victim. That's my rant!


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I moved into a unit in this complex on Feb 25 after being assured by the landlord that the apartment was not infested. Upon moving in I noticed some caulking along the baseboards. I called the landlord to ask about this, where he then admitted to me to having an infestation a year prior but that it had been taken care of and the apartment was vacant for 6 months.

The next morning my daughter woke up with a bug on her pillow though neither of us had bites.

I luckily was able to move back

into my old apartment but I live in fear that I may have brought something back with us. This complex is notorious for bedbugs. The former landlord told me when he gave me my deposit back that management doesnt care.

If I brought bedbugs back with me, heads will be rolling. The complex is disgusting. There are a few cute units there but generally its filthy and management doesnt spray the entire towers. This is the third instance of bedbugs I have heard of in the Acropolis. Stay clear.

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