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One day I saw this brown thing crawling in my baby's crib while she slept. It got onto my finger, and I yelled and screamed. It fell of my hand and dissapeared in the brown carpet. I didn't worry about it again, since I had not seen any other bug that looked like it. We had woken up with a few bites on us, but we didn't really know where they were from. WE knew of bedbugs, and all we knew is that they roamed hotels. So they were the last thing on our minds. About a month after that we sta

rted seeing them all over the bedroom. They were everywhere. At first I noticed them in my the crib they had set up nesting on the corners of the bumpers. And the next day I started seeing them everywhere. Maybe because I was more aware of them, then before. But they were crawling up walls and in the beds. Visible as soon as the sun went down. We were already in the process of moving out of there. So we did. But we didn't take any furniture with us. And at this point I didn't even know that they were bedbugs. Just that they were everywhere. I washed everything I owned in hot water. Before I left. I do remember that a month before we noticed these things. The people in the next apt threw out a bunch of beds. And that there were tenants who had moved in sept and had moved out by october on the first floor. I didnt even know I had bedbugs till three weeks after I moved out and saw a report on the news about it. I still panic all the time. I am constantly checking my beds and closets to make sure we haven't been reinfested.

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