2205 37th St
Astoria, NY 11105-1905

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When I moved 2010 spring from 20 ave n 24 Street there was not even a ant in my apartment@20ave here after a month I started to see rats, roaches, and bedbugs. I was most concern about bedbugs since I have a kid. rats I fig would eventually go away i was wrong. Roaches was headace for while but it stopped for sometime but now but it started to come back.However, its the bedbug that is costing me.I already throw out sofa, two matters, and washed carpet 4 times already in last couple of years.I fo

und out that bedbugs hide on cartain,beds,and the wood design by the ciling. so I repainted the apt,throw out the matters, and washed carpets still can't get ride of it. I don't the building mgm can do anything. They could have before but its two late too many people and trash area is not clean buidling overall is not clean. they used have two many lazy people live in this building.

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We have been living with bedbugs for 8 months now. The PCO the landlord sends over does nothing. We're planning on moving out ASAP.

Have been fighting with the building's management to resolve the problem. The first time an exterminator was sent was on 12-04-11 and we have had 3 following treatments. However, the problem persists and we have begun withholding rent. We would like to begin a petition to demand an entire fumigation of the building. We will also be seeking a rent abatement.

Visible bedbugs found. Yet to hear from landlord.

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