28-04 44th St
Astoria, NY 11103

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It takes me only 3 days tafter moving to this building to see this pest running on my bed .

I reported this to the super but nothing happens so far , the building is very dirty and a bed smell comes out once you open the building door, the dumper is right next to the main entrance.

Am waiting for the landlord reaction on this matter


After i found bed bugs in my apartment three weeks ago, i have notified the super.As he didn't do anything about it, i have called the landlord.
She started screaming on me, claiming that she never had any issues with bedbugs in the past.
I told her that if she doesn't believe me, i will
send her some with my latest rent.
Then, all hell broke loose, as she told me that she will evict me. I think that NYC authorities should do something about landlords like her, because the wom

an is completely incapable of running the building.
On top of everything we had problems with roaches since i moved in.
I already gave her notice and i will be moving out shortly.

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I have found this nasty creatures walking in my bed and in my kitchen! They are sooo big, you can actually see them walking around, when you are supposedly not to be able to see them. The owner of this building does not care for the pests, we also have roaches....I can't wait to move out of this zoo!!

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