2554 38th St
Astoria, NY 11103-4224

Found 2 reports:

I moved into the building in January 2011 after checking the registry and finding no reports of bedbugs for the building. I'm sad to say the situation has changed.

In June I started noticing small red bites on my skin, I was convinced they were mosquito bites.. the bites had no pattern and they didn't itch much. I stripped the apartment, checked my mattress, sheets etc..didn't find anything. I bought white sheets to ensure I'd spot any changes. Sure enough after a couple of days I noticed 3

small black marks on the sheets... I then checked the registry again and much to my horror found another report. I called the building management immediately and they sent a terminator to my apartment immediately. His first reaction to my minimally furnished, clean apartment was "I doubt you have anything to worry about"... 1 hour later he changed his mind. "Yes you have a definite infestation .. don't know how long they've been here, where they came from etc".

I've had the place sprayed twice and haven't had a problem since. Im still very unhappy about it and would move if I could get out of the lease.

see full report...

Do not move in. This place is completely infested with bedbugs. The landlord is very responsive and the pest control company is very good BUT the people who live there are callous. No one is reporting their bugs and seem to want to deal with the situation rather than help the buildings. Remember it is illegal to not spray for BBs if you have them.

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