2528 42nd St
Astoria, NY 11103-2806

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The tenants next to my apartment told me that they moved out a couple weeks ago because of bedbugs. They left their furniture inside the apartment. While the tenants still lived there, the exterminator came, but only sprayed regular roach spray and set glue traps. The glue traps caught two bed bugs near the radiator. The tenants and the exterminator believe they came from the unit below (those tenants have been tearing up their carpet, throwing it away and throwing a couch away, but they hav

e not said they have bedbugs to the landlord). When speaking with the landlord, he simply replies, "I don't know anything about bedbugs." I have taken it upon myself to buy bed bug spray, spray the baseboards, caulk the baseboards, cover the electrical socket that is on the wall next the infected apt., and isolated my bed and sofa. So far, no indications of bedbugs in my apartment. But, I know unless they are dealt with in a thorough, professional manner, they can and will survive! I'm really scared. Any advice is much appreciated. I've also reported it to 311.

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