2456 44th St
Astoria, NY 11103-2002

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Lived here a l-o-n-g time and though I fought battles with roaches on and off I never had a bed bug problem until now. The problem was traced back to my neighbors apartment along side mine. We both submitted to treatments and so far 6 weeks and nothing thank God.

Since the infestation we have discovered that apartment C6 under my neighbor has a bed bug problem that they have been trying to treat themselves with over the counter sprays and we now know this is where the whole p

roblem started emanating from.

These people refuse to allow the landlord access to inspect and treat putting EVERYONE at risk. The landlord is now in court trying to get access.

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Have been here for over 2 years and found out the hard and horrible way that the previous tenant moved out because of bed bugs in the building. When I got them, I laundered everything, packed all my belongings into plastic bags and was professionally treated, however, no one else was and the problem continues. I am beyond frustrated because I can't afford to move and the idiots that live in this building won't take the time to get treated. Several tenants have refused treatment! The landlor

d is quick to treat an individual apartment, but unless the whole building is treated, the problem will never stop.

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I also moved out because of bed bugs at this location. We live on the 2nd floor, but I know for a fact that at least three apartments on the 1st Floor have had them. The building will never be rid of this problem because so many apartments and even though the landlord is quick to get the building treated, the only way to get rid of the problem for good is if all the tenants have treatments at once...and they also much make sure to wash and launder everything....EVERYTHING.

This is a multi unit apartment building and the building has had problems for almost five years. Did not know this when we moved in three years ago. Many of the units, including our old unit (we moved out after several treatments and no signs of any more bed bugs0, were sprayed and treated but folks in the building cannot afford proper treatment (i.e. laundering every item of clothing, etc.) so the problem keeps going back and forth between apartments.

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