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I found a bed bug in my apartment, crawling on the floor near the bed, the first week in November. I immediately put BB-proof encasements on my mattress and pillows. Since then, I have seen 8 of them, either crawling on the walls or the floors. I must not react to the bites, because I haven't had any welts. I called the landlord about it to try to get some help, but he told me it was my fault and that I had brought them to the apartment when I moved in. I tried killing them myself with a store-b

ought spray, keeping the apartment very clean and clear of clutter and spraying every night all around the bed, the couch, the closets, etc. I finally talked to a friend who had them a few years ago and she said it was absolutely necessary to get professional help. I am now in the process of preparing my apartment for them-- I laundered every piece of clothing, linens, etc. that I own, and wrapped everything else that might be a bed bug haven in plastic. After the exterminators do their thing tomorrow, I'll go around the entire apartment and caulk everything-- where the floor meets the wall, where the radiator pipes are, etc. It's been a really costly and upsetting process.

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