2541 30th Rd
Astoria, NY 11102-2613

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1H has had continued problems with infestations, and a survey of neighbors by this annoyed resident finds that other apartments on various floors have had occurrences of bedbugs as well. Pistilli Realty will pay for repeated exterminator visits, with some hounding. - Nov. 2010

We lived in Apt 1H (moved out in May) and had a horrific infestation. The super told us to spray for them ourselves, which turned out to be a huge mistake as they just migrated from room to room to avoid the spray (and probably to other apartments as well).

On the plus side, the management company, Pistilli Realty, did make good on the rent for the month, and also reimbursed us for destroyed furniture.

Beware at this address, though: our infestation was so bad that I can't imagine that the

y would have been able to get a handle on it so quickly. . .

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