2710 Newtown Ave
Astoria, NY 11102-2442

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Follow-up -- Landlord provided extermination services and spray was done in the apartment on three separate occasions (this is their customary practice). There was a lot of preparation prior to the extermination that we had to do before they could even spray our apt -- it was exhausting and it was not cheap to do the preparation (every single book and household item was vacuumed, quarantined in boxes lined with bb spray, all clothes washed and put in dryer on high heat, mattresses now have cover

s sealed with tape on the zipper, we literally had to clean out the entire unit and hired professional cleaners to assist). The most important thing is aggressive maintenance. Don't let anything touch the the bed while touching the floor, we sleep with the light on now, the bed frame legs are sitting in cups of bed bug powder, etc., So far, no more bed bugs.

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Have also located several bed bugs in our apartment after about a month of welts/bites. Have reported to the landlord. Stay tuned.

Have lived in this building for years. Suddenly, in the last 3-4 weeks my family has received bites and welts that were too strange and numerous to be mosquito bites. Found a few bedbugs in the apartment last night after a thorough search. There are likely more.

Our shady landlord never informed us of the infestation, which is now required by law.

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