3317 Greenpoint Ave
New York, NY 11101-2011

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This address is for the Best Western in Long Island City in Queens. We got into the hotel late September 23rd, got into our 2 bed room on the fourth floor. We checked the beds and found two small bugs on the corner of one. The other bed had a full grown adult bed bug on the bottom right corner. All bugs were alive and moving, and the adult bug had the dark coloring down the middle of its body. I know it was a bed bug because I'm an ASCP certified Medical Laboratory Scientest and have taken

several parasitology classes.

We informed the desk and they provided another room, which we checked and there was one potential body of a bug. If it was a dead bug it was hard to identify as it was damaged.

I don't suggest staying here, the front desk wasn't too helpful in the matter of the second bed either.

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