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THE WHOLE FREAKING PLACE MUST BE INFESTED ! Stayed at Howard Johnson Express in the Bronx on Sunday night the 4th of November 2012 in room 304. Initially I stayed elsewhere on the 3rd with a friend in Upper West Side Mahantten, because I was unsure of the neighbourhood as it was in Tremont section of bad rep Bronx. However on the the 3rd I did a proper search; all baseboards, head boards lifted mattresses kicked them and really looked for any tailings or evidence of bedbugs and found none. Plus

I noticed the new shipment tag on the mattress as of Oct 5 2012, so I thought if they had had a beg bug prob and bought new matressess, that they would have fumigated too and thought that with no evidence it should be fine for the 4th. Afterall Howard Johnson Hotel is thought to be a reputable chain. In the morning, I found one in the shower of all places on the shower curtain and I caught that with the kleenex and squished it and looked closely at it. It looked exactly like what you see on web pages about bed bugs. But it was flat as it hadn't sucked any blood from either my partner or myself. Then a few minutes later I saw one scurrying across the foot of the bed where my partner was laying. I squished it and it was full of his blood. I checked his body for bite marks but the swelling didn't show up until the next day. I freaked out and told my partner we had to evacuate immediately. While I waited for my partner in the lobby I asked to use a washroom and downstairs OMG there was another one crawling along the baseboard of the bathroom. THE WHOLE FREAKING PLACE MUST BE INFESTED ! I told Sheila the hotel clerk on the morning of Nov 5th and I told her about the situation very calmly. But believe me I am bringing my samples into Public Health Centre where where I live in Canada and fling an official complaint against Howard Johnson. Their motto is go happy. go hojo. I say go f*** yourselves for not fumigating. AND EVEN IF THEY DID FUMIGATE THEY DIDN'T DO THE BATHROOMS, where the lil freaking bloodsuckers are hiding out waiting for their comeback. hojo only replaced mattresses to deal with problem temp and lead guests into falsely believing that their premises are clean. HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE !!

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