8 Stone St
New York, NY 10304

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3-19-2012 I did not see any bed bugs or mosquitos during my stay. I did wake up with a headache. Do bedbugs cause headaches? I don't recall having one before.

Stayed Jan 21, 2012 and woke up to bites on my face.

I stayed at the DoubleTree by Hilton on 10/18/2011. I have traveled across the country for work, and have been to some pretty remote areas, and this hotel looked good by my standards.

Around 3:00 AM, I woke up and looked down on my pillow case to find a bed bug. I captured the bug under a cup and had management look at it. They confirmed it was a bed bug and put me in another hotel room. The hotel room they put me in afterwards was dirty w/ mosquitos buzzing around.

The hotel inspected th

e room after and checked in with me to see if there is anything they could do. I would think twice before staying here.

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