32 Thompson St
New York, NY 10304

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INFESTED WITH BEDBUGS and the new building owners VICKERS REALTY could care less! DO NOT MOVE IN TO THIS BUILDING!!!!!!!!!! It is infested with bedbugs. We have lived in the building for many years and have always loved our home. Since the new owners, VICKERS took over the building it has become a nightmare! Aweful heat, no working door buzzer, a worthless Super that does nothing, constant construction and dirt everywhere and now BEDBUGS! VICKERS is aware of the bedbug issue and has done l

ittle to nothing to help. Many apartments are infested with bedbugs and to add to the issue VICKERS has electricians in the building making huge holes in the walls of all the apartments and hallways in an effort to "upgrade the electricity". Withing a few weeks this ENTIRE building will be infested with bedbugs!!!! Disgusting!!!!! We are moving!!!


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