115 Stuyvesant Pl
Staten Island, NY 10301-1917

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I've just recently move to this building but i have not found any problems with bed bugs. probably, since my apartment was renovated they were gone. although, i did had some rouches problems, but ever since i put some cvs spray, i haven't seen any. I will see what happenes for the rest of the year until november next year.

I moved into this building reluctanctly. But I needed an apartment. Too my surprise, I have not had any problems. I made sure that I purchased a bed-bug cover for my new mattresses, before moving into the apartment. As a matter of fact, I put double covers on my beds. Just to be on the safe side. I also allow my the exterminator access to my apartment to spray. I hear that several tenants don't allow the exterminator. Hence the problem will continue in isolated areas of the building. The

landlord needs to enforce a policy that requires each tenant to have their apartment exterminated. Other than the bugs situation, the building is maintained minimally. Landlord allows tenants to leave garbage in the main lobby by the elevator. That is almost worse than bed bugs. Garbage can attract other types of pest.

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A few months ago, I had a problem and alerted the landlord. The landlord sent an exterminator, and the problem went away. I haven't had a pro lem since but am wary that it may return.

I moved out of this building in 2006 due to bed bugs. Exterminator was ineffectual because treatment was haphazard and dependent on tenant cooperation. Also, the building is not well maintained with many cracks and crevices.

I had them months ago, and they've come back. The landlord again set up an exterminator, but their exterminator doesn't seem to make a dent. The whole building is totally infested.

Today's date is 10/26/08

I first started noticing bites about a month ago. I have lived here for over seven years with no problem. However, a new tenant reported having the problem two years ago. I contacted my landlord when I suspected that my bites were from bedbugs, and the landlord sent an exterminator. I have not seen a bug, nor have I seen any signs of them such as fecal matter. The exterminator was here a week ago. Bites are still showing up on my hands and arms, but as they can

take up to 9 days to appear, I am unsure whether my problem is taken care of or not yet.

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