233 E 88th St
New York, NY 10128

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I lived in this same building from Aug. 2009 to Jan. 2010 and had a bedbug issue within 6 months of moving in, the building hired an exterminator who just treated my apartment but when treating my apartment told me the situation was so severe that just treating my apartment wouldn't do anything to help the building and said that the bugs were sure to come back in approx. 6 months, the landlord refused to listen to this and treat the whole building and also refused to let me break my lease and le

ave, they said that the problem was something I brought in and not something in the building, even when the exterminator confirmed that the bugs were big enough that they had been there for over 6 months, before I had moved in.

Through all of this I learned that there were several other units that had issues and other people that had left for the same reason, after nearly a month of arguing with them about the situation they finally agreed to let me break my lease by forfeiting my security deposit.

The whole situation was a nightmare and the building management was even worse to try to deal with. I would stay as far away from this building as possible!

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Submitted by "Anonymous" on 08/27/2010

I had them in August 2009, and then they came back in June 2010. I had to hire my own exterminator the first time. By the second time I'd had them, there were a number of tenants who had moved out because of them, so mgmt hired an exterminator. The problem is that sometimes mgmt didn't believe people actually had them, so each apartment was treat

ed individually. A few months later, the bugs would show up in another apartment. There are only 20 apts in the bldg, but I would venture to guess that at least 3 other tenants, besides me, vacated midway through their lease due to the bug problem.

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