214 E 88th St
New York, NY 10128

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Submitted by "Anonymous" on 08/27/2010

I had them in August 2009, and then they came back in June 2010. I had to hire my own exterminator the first time. By the second time I'd had them, there were a number of tenants who had moved out because of them, so mgmt hired an exterminator. The problem is that sometimes mgmt didn't believe

people actually had them, so each apartment was treated individually. A few months later, the bugs would show up in another apartment. There are only 20 apts in the bldg, but I would venture to guess that at least 3 other tenants, besides me, vacated midway through their lease due to the bug problem.

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Dec/Jan. 2009 214 E. 88th St. Apt. 2D

I moved into this building in May 2009 and in December had a serious outbreak of bedbugs in my apartment which the management company did a very poor job of managing.

I first noticed the bugs and thought they were far too big to be bedbugs, before this happened I always thought bedbugs were microscopic so assumed that’s not what they were. When I first noticed them I hired a cleaning company to come and figure out what the issue was and they too

k a sample to an exterminator who said they were bedbugs, and based on their size they were at a mature state. I called the management company and they provided the number to an exterminator to call and have them come to the apartment. I was dealing with a death in the family so had my cleaning company make the arrangements to meet the exterminators and deal with the mess my apartment had become. All of the belongings in my bedroom as well as the majority of items in my adjoining bathroom and closets were disposed of by the cleaning company and the rest of my belongings were put in sealed bags as instructed by the exterminator.

Once the exterminators came to the apartment they said the issue was very serious and so severe that it had to be in the rest of the building as well and not just in my apartment, they even briefly checked the hallways outside my apartment and said I should get in touch with everyone in the building to notify them of this issue and have them check their units. They said that the bugs likely travelled in the walls and could stay dormant for up to 6 months before coming out and that my bed being against the wall provided the perfect place for them to hide (which is completely disgusting the more I think about the fact that I was sleeping there up until I realized there was an issue) The exterminators punctured several holes in the walls to spray as well as surface treated the whole unit. They came back 6 weeks later to do another round of spray as a follow up treatment.

Even after they exterminated the apartment I was told that the bugs would likely be back in 3-6 months regardless of the treatment because they were in the walls and floors of the rest of the building.

I was so repulsed by the situation I had to fight with the management company to let me out of my lease, which they eventually did in exchange for my security deposit. In total I threw out over $8,500 worth of furniture, clothing, bedding ect. and the few items I did take with me I had treated and left in plastic bags for 2 weeks to make sure I wasn't bringing anything unwanted with me.

The management company refused to admit it was a problem with the building even after I learned that there were 3 separate instances in the same building in multiple units on the 1st and 5th floors as well as mine on the 2nd floor.

I'm a very tidy and clean person and I would never have thought this could have happened in an apartment I was living in and I would hope the management company would let the next person moving into the apartment know about the issue before hand, then again with the rudeness that was shown towards me and their lack of help with the situation I highly doubt they would have that decency.

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