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In response to Koeppel Management sucks, do you realize how you contradicted yourself. You mention that on any given day you can bump into the exterminator coming in to check apartments for bedbugs, yet you say that the company does nothing to eradicate the problem. Then why the hell is the exterminator even in the building?

We had bedbugs problems last year in September. It came back again in March. Got treatments twice but not sure if it is okay this time. This building has serious ongoing issues and the management is really not helping to fix this issue. People in this building called 311 to file a complain. The management also didn't inform new people there were bedbug issues which is illegal in NY now. Don't move in to this building. It is really terrible place to live.

During the last two years, I have had over 4 separate infestations. On a typical day, one can bump into one of the exterminators going upstairs to treat a problem. The worst and cheapest management ever barely responds to bedbug complaints. One time, they responded 4 months after emailing, calling, and begging them to provide a treatment. My apartment was infested with them coming from my fellow neighbors' apartments. My body was covered in bites. Next time, management did not want to hear t

hat I needed an exterminator again. Calling 311 helped fix that problem. My suggestion: since management will never respond to your claims, call 311, the sooner the better. That's the only way you will get an exterminator. The whole building is infested, so do yourself a favor and avoid this building at all costs. Not to mention other infestations all over the lobby (huge waterbugs, rats (yes, i said rats! coming from the basement into the lobby), mice, dozens of flies (from the garbage and basement), and roaches. STAY AWAY FROM THIS BUILDING!!! DO NOT RENT OR SIGN THE LEASE!

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3 bed bugs found in the apartment on 9/21/2011. The super is informed. Exterminator will come on 9/23. This apartment indeed has serious bed bug problems.

Two bed bugs were found at the bathroom on 8/13/11. Contacted to management company but didn't get a response. Found three more 8/25/11 in the bathtub. Called the super and the management again and finally the exterminator came to check my samples. It was positive. Found two more on 9/1/11. The exterminator will come 9/9/11. See if that will work. Another bed bug on 3rd floor as well. This building has serious issues.

Bed bug was seen crawling in the bathroom a week 2 weeks ago. I had multiple bug bites and found a smaller bed bug on my bedsheets several days later.

The landlord and property management company were informed and I was told that an exterminator would come to inspect the unit. This was planned for last Wednesday. No new updates as to whether any exterminations are to be planned.

A lesson in Bed Bug Prevention 101

1. Do not go to the movies

2. Do not take a cab.

3. Better yet do not take public transportation

4. If you find it totally necessary to take public transportation do not place your bags, purses, etc. on the floor of the train, bus, etc. (common sense).

5. When traveling abroad, upon your return place your luggage in a big plastic bag (sold at Bed Bath & Beyond) and leave it in the bag for a couple of days.

6. Wrap mattresses, pillow cases etc

. in bed bug proof cases also sold at B.B.& B aka Bed Bug & Beyond ( they carry an array of bed bug preventatives).

7. Take off all your clothes before entering your home I'm sure the neighbors will appreciate it if you offer an explanation.

8. Better yet have no neighbors (moving to the mountains and roughing it might be a good alternative) then you don't have to worry about the possibility of the little traveling buggers taking up residence in your apartment.

9. Oh Heck just envelope yourself in Saran wrap(sold at any supermarket, be extremely aware of your surroundings as you stand on line, don't get too close to the person standing in front or in back of you). After wrapping yourself in the plastic (make sure you leave a hole for breathing purposes!)should you get peculiar looks just tell them its the new en vogue thing.


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I found the first bedbug crawling across my pillow around 7:00am on Wednesday, January 19th, 2011. After an exterminator came to examine the bug I kept in a jar and determined it to be bedbugs, an extermination was planned for the following Tuesday (1/25/11). The extermination actually happened on Friday 1/28/11 and I found another bedbug on the sheets on Tuesday, February 1st. A second extermination has been scheduled for February 10th.

Fingers crossed for a successful (total) exterminati

on this time!

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October 23 2010

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