163 E 89th St
New York, NY 10128-2314

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This apartment has been infested with bedbugs. I called the landlord about 2 months ago, but she acted like it was her very first time hearing the word "bedbug". She made it seem like it was just me who had a bedbug problem. However, later on, I realized that many tenants have complained about the same problem. But, she refused to treat the whole apartment building. Now, the problem is getting more and more serious. Do not consider renting an apartment here. Be aware~!

I just saw the report from 4/8 that this building is infested and landlord unwilling to cooperate. I moved in just two months ago and my apartment was infested. Right after moving in we started seeing bites everywhere. The landlord was very cooperative with sending someone over and stayed in touch with the exterminator- though the exterminator tried to check other apartments and some people would not let him in and he did not find bugs in the ones that did allow him to inspect. I don't understan

d why someone would not allow inspection - if they are in your apt it is best to know early and beyond that they could end up reinfesting the building if treatment in some places is not allowed. He came over and treated twice. I wanted to move out as soon as I learned of the problem but I had just signed on for a year lease and they would not allow me to break it. I am extremely annoyed as I had asked the landlord, the previous tenant, and the landlord's broker representative if there had ever been problems with mice or bugs and they said no, neither. It has both. She said it had been treated previously before I moved in but it must not have worked and the tenant did not report that it was still a problem. She covered the expense of the extermination. A washer/dryer in the building sure would have been helpful as you have to wash everything and keep them in plastic bags for a month while treated. Also, after looking at this report it appears the building next door has a bad infestation as well.

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This building is infested with bedbugs and the landlord is not willing to be cooperative with paying for exterminators.

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