174 E 90th St
New York, NY 10128-2301

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Bed Bugs and Roaches. Not a pleasant place. You won't get any help from management. They will ignore your calls. Stay far, far away.

The place has lots of bedbugs!!!! Even on the upper floors!! We lived on the 3rd floor, and they were everywhere... oh the horrors... the management office is utterly unhelpful. My roommate is allergic to bug bites, and she had to go see a doctor.

The lady, Sharon, from the management was actually quite rude when we told her about the bedbug situation.

No wonder their rent is relatively low. No amount of rent discount justifies me having to get a new mattress, bed linens, AND almost dumpi

ng all of my clothes...

see full report...

4/17/09 - 2nd Floor - found bed bugs in 1 bedroom. PCO hired by management has treated once so far in infected bedroom and living room. Other bedroom did not appear to be affected.

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