4530 Broadway
New York, NY 10040-2404

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I had multiple bed bug infestations while living at this location. I had to throw away lots of furniture. The exterminators do NOT treat surrounding apartments as they should. The apartment in question had tons of gaps in the hardwood floors and in the walls, and this is where the bedbugs hid between treatments. I have seen them crawling out of wall holes and sitting in floor gaps. During two separate instances in this building I found / trapped / killed 10-20 bedbugs in one night, and I saw at

least one per night most nights. Treatment did not take care of this, probably because of the unsealed holes in the floors and walls.

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I have a small infestation in my apartment at this address. When I signed my lease about a year ago, the property manager disclosed (because they have to, by law) the bed bug history within the last year, and about 4 apartments on my floor had bed bugs in the last year. I have noticed that the 3 pipes in my apartment are not sealed tightly, there are lots of gaps around them where they meet the floor or ceiling, such that bed bugs could most likely travel into my apartment from others and vice

versa. It took 4 days to get the exterminator to come do an inspection.
-January 2013

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