145 W 145th St
New York, NY 10039-4201

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i live at 145 west 145 for just over 1 year. never had any bed bug issues. having rented in the past in NYC, this management company has been very responsive to maintenance issues.

My wife I lived in #24 of 145 w 145th street. After two months the bed bug bites started. They began in our living room from the couch. Upon inspection our couches were crawling with bed bugs. We threw both our couches, all our carpeting, and our bed away only to find that because the floors and walls aren't completely connected (due to very poor renovation) they crawled in from the apartment next to us.

The exterminator told us when he came to spray our apartment that it wasn't our fault

. He confirmed they came in from the apartment next to us, that apartment never got them treated or reported them. The exterminator also told us that it was the second time that month (September) he had been in our building for bed bugs.

New tenants beware! The renovations for these apartments are notoriously poor and it seems like bed bugs has been a longer standing problem of this building.

My wife and I moved in July 1st 2008 and after discovering the bugs (first weekend in Sept) and buildings history were moved out by September 20th.

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