2 Gold St
New York, NY 10038-4821

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My roomate and I also have been bitten by bedbugs in another apartment in the new tower at 2 Gold St. It is disgusting and they required us to capture the bugs in order for them to send the exterminator, which took us a long time to do. They came, we followed the entire procedure, bought a new mattress - and mind you before this saw many doctors - but today we still have bedbugs. This is disgusting and we are extremely frustrated. We are going to contact the health department of NYC and pursue l

egal action against the building. Please write on this page if you also have been bitten and think you may have bedbugs at 2 Gold St so that we can do something about this once and for all.

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My roommate and I suspected bed bugs because we were both being bit during the night. We told the building who called an exterminator who came in with a dog to sniff out and confirm the bugs.
Management is acting very lax about this whole situation. They are paying for the exterminator but not the other things that go with it (dry cleaning, stuff we have to throw out, etc.).
We thought it was just our apartment, but one of the building workers let it slip that there's a legit problem in the

tower we live in (a new tower recently built earlier this year).
If they aren't going to empty out the building and fumigate all units, this problem will not go away. At this time, it appears as though management is trying to cover this up.

(This post was originally posted on 11/23/09 but mistakenly placed on the 2 gold st 11201 - brooklyn - address. This is the correct address for the report).

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