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Bed Bugs came in through a crack in the wall, so beware. Even if you don't have any, they can definitely come in! Also, relatedly, carpet beetles are all over as well.

OCTOBER 20th 2011

I live on the 14th Floor of 2 gold street. I've been complaining for months to the building that I'm getting bitten in the apartment. Twice when I was not home they sent someone up to check my apartment and told me everything was fine and they couldn't send someone again to look.

Not until i brought my own exterminator into the building did we find that my apartment is infested with bed bugs. We have adult bed bugs, as well as eggs coming out of our box spring, the build

ing has not handled the situation or responded to this emergency. We will most likely move out.

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I first suspected I had bedbugs after a friend visited in January 2011 and she woke up with "rashes". After she left I had a series of bites in a row exactly like the ones you find on the bedbug sites. I tore apart my apartment and found a few adult bedbugs around my bed. I notified building management and they've had pest control to my house to fumigate twice. I agree that management had a lax attitude about the whole situation (as well as downplayed how often they deal with this) but were

on top of scheduling an appointment in a timely fashion. I'm still not convinced the infestation is gone as I found another alive bedbug on March 1, 2011. I am having the pest control people back to look again tomorrow. I've been living out of plastic bags and have followed all instructions they tell you to follow. I live on a low floor of the older tower.

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The leasing office has been told by the management to say "there have been no *confirmed* cases of bedbugs". They could not tell me what they meant by confirmed. One person in the leasing office said that there had never once been an exterminator in the building. Another told me that they have used an exterminator in the public areas. When asked to comment on the bed bug registry or other sites where residents have reported problems in their units, they refused.

This report might be slightly dated but I can confirm that there were bed bugs found in my apartment on the 19th floor in September 2009. I discovered bedbugs nesting in the wooden bed frame and so I presented it to the management. They offer to get rid of them but require all clothing to be dry-cleaned and everything to be packed. I did not go through the extermination, but I threw my mattress and bed frame, bought bed bug spray and administer them extensively daily in the bedroom for a week (I

was sleeping in the living room) then the problem is resolved. It seems that 2 Gold Street does have a lot of cases of bed bugs, however the management is definitely on top of it and is certainly willing to hire exterminator. I no longer live there anymore.
- Written on behalf of the tenant

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A few months back I was getting bites on my body, and at first thought it was mosquitoes or spiders. After a week or two of this, however, I contacted building management about the situation. They brought in dogs to inspect the apartment and they found bed bugs. As mentioned by others, building management paid for Assured Environments to treat the apartment, but did not pay for dry cleaning or other expenses. The ordeal took 2-3 weeks, I had to wrap up everything I had in zip lock bags, and

I even bought a PackTite machine to make sure I could run all of my belongings through it to prevent another infestation. Now, 2-3 months later, I have been bitten again (I woke up this morning with bites on my neck, back, and arms). I am contacting building management again. This is unacceptable. If there are other cases of bed bugs in the building, then I have a right to know (of course, management and the exterminator denied any claims of other apartments with bed bugs). I have heard of others pursuing legal action against the building and I would love to know how to go about doing such a thing if they are difficult with me on this issue.

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Our 48th floor apartment was inspected for bed bugs, and they were found in all 4 bedrooms. Only 1 of 4 roommates was being bitten, and there was never any other evidence except for ONE bug found near the wall on the floor. Waiting to be exterminated...

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