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I have had a multiple bedbug re-occurrences in my apartment for the last month or so. Our building knew there were prior reported infestations on floors 11 & 12 (these are the only floors I know were reported previously & have been confirmed - there may be others), which were concealed and hidden from us when I inquired; which caused the spread of bugs back into our individual apartment even after exterminating.

Upon awareness of this problem, our building still has construction workers m

oving materials from the infested floors to others; and the building has also failed & refuses to do a full inspection of the premises and each floor - as such we have no official confirmation of the scope of the issue; and only know the initially reported 11th and 12th floors along with our apartment to be infested.

Just getting the building to look at these few floors has required extensive unnecessary persistence, as the building should’ve proactively searched for further issues at the time of our and others infestation (as the 11th and 12th floors have been infested for months prior to ours becoming infested). Had the building performed their responsibilities correctly, we would not have had our bedbugs return a few days after being exterminated; and would not have gotten them at all. This failure to prevent the spread and continued failure to look into the issue in its entirety is negligence on behalf of the building to not just us and others infested, but also has threatened the unaffected.

I had to contact an attorney and file a complaint with the Department of Housing Preservation & Development, and will be taking my matter to Small Claims court for reimbursement (as the building refuses to compensate; when legally if this is an infestation/negligence matter on their behalf they have a responsibility to do so), as we have had to exterminate our unit multiple times now, and according to the expertise of both doctors and exterminators, as the building remains infested the issue will most likely return (as we are unsure of the extent of the issue - since the building refuses to inspect all floors) and additional expenses will be incurred.

Such costs include laundering for 9 hours each time and roughly $200 in laundry fees each time, excluding the additional materials that have to be purchased, also we are unable to access our clothing that cannot be laundered for an entire month and have to keep our things in sealed bags, so we are essentially living in poor conditions for a month until the inspector returns to confirm the bugs are gone. All the more frustrating, as mentioned above, is the fact that this issue is likely to reoccur, as it already has, since the building is infested on other floors and also they are unsure and are outright not searching the remainder/bulk of the building (so there may be other infestations).

It was truly a last resort to personally file this report, the report with Housing Preservation as I never expected having to escalate this matter as such.

It has been very disappointing (to say the least) to have staff in a building that has not seen this as an issue, been unable to provide a solution in a timely manner, told other tenants that they were not legally responsible to provide an exterminator and then lied and told others the tenants were being difficult and refusing to exterminate which is resulting in continued untreated units, outright building omitting of information when questioned, and being denied any sort of compensation for their negligence.

Returned correspondence and solutions have only happened after creating my report with the Housing Department; only after I reported it, did the building email some tenants of the issue (an issue that has been existing for months; & that they still refuse to search all floors for bugs), the building seems to have an outright dis-concern for the spread of this issue; and only seems to be partially handling the issue now after extreme action taken on my part (as they are still not searching the other floors for bugs to be proactive when they have multiple floors infested).

This matter is severe, as there are many grounds for negligence as the building did not handle the infestation properly by not proactively handling the issue which could've been prevented - had the building acted when incidents were reported, and further the building has still remains negligent, as there has not been a search for bugs on all floors of our building - so despite the fact there are three infested floors, the building has refused to do its responsibility and look beyond those floors.

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Apt 11C, Spring 2009

Bedbugs reported. Treated 3 times by exterminator. Never went away. Tenant moved.

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