33 Gold St
New York, NY 10038-2815

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Started noticing itchy bites around the end of October. Fearful it may in fact be BBs we contacted the super and emailed management. Phone calls and emails went unanswered for almost 8 weeks!! During this time the infestation grew and was truly unbearable. We tried several remedies while we desperately waited for a suggested course of action. Finally a dog was sent out and (shocker!) confirmed we did in fact have BBs. Then silence! Eventually management contacted saying they were going to

send out an exterminator but needed our credit card information to charge us for the service. We filed with 3-1-1 and sent them the legal findings indicating they are responsible.

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TERRIBLE infestation in my old apt. on the 3rd Fl. A knowledgeable bed bug exterminator (I hired him, our landlord would not) said one of the worst he'd ever seen. Ended up breaking the lease early, new tenants had moved in less than 2 months later.

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