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My husband and I are in the midst of a living hell. Our lives are upside down and topsy turvey. We have been hit with the bed bug infestation that is currently an epidemic in NYC. Unless you've been through this you can NOT imagine what this means. I'm on the verge of a nervous breakdown and of course financial ruin. It could not have hit me at a worse time as my work has completely dried up. But that's the least of my concerns right now. For now, we have had to rent a storage room to put a lot

of our possessions in (the ones that we could save-we've thrown out thousand of dollars worth of items, clothes, 2 year old expensive mattress and box spring, antique bed frame, linens, pillows and I'm going through everything to get rid of as much clutter as possible and eliminate what I don't absolutely need). It took us several weeks to prepare for the first treatment as the landlord threatened me with legal action if the bugs spread and the PCO said they would leave if they came and we were not properly prepared. Yet they don't offer help or thorough instructions and just think that it is a simple process to organize all your possession, empty every drawer and closet, bag up everything and find floor space (which we don't have) to place the bags and move your furniture away from the walls (where then do the bags go)so they can get to every crak and crevice of which there are many. Meantime we are sleeping on air mattresses. I may never feel secure with another mattress again!

This is just a snippet of what we are facing and then there is no guarantee that they won't come back after the apartment is treated. My landlord is going to do the least amount possible. I have major cracks in my walls and floors and he insists that the bugs don't hide there and did not come in that way even though they just gut renovated two health hazard trap apartments on my floor to rent destabilize them. He is not willing to inspect and treat the other apartments in the building and there are only 7 total. I believe they will just travel back and forth until the whole building is treated.

Sadly and I feel unethically many are uninformed about this. No one I've talked to beside a few who have been through this can believe the enormity of this. By the time one is infested it is beyond what you can handle unless you are financially solvent and even then, it must be traumatic. On the verge of a nervous breakdown and no sense of security.

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