570 10th Ave
New York, NY 10036-3001

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I found black eggs all over my bed and I was also
Had bites all over my body I stayed in 1701.

Woke up this morning with numerous bites. Moved to another room.

My daughter slept in the loft bed in room 2125. She had two bites on her face and we caught and killed one bedbug. The room did smell of insecticide. Moved to a different room. Hopefully no more bites!

Stayed there two nights last week. Hotel seemed clean but had several 6 bites in the morning.


Very clean. No bugs

Stayed 5 nights and no bed bugs. very clean hotel.
My visit was 9/14/11 to 9/19/11

Stayed for 1 night 9/24 and now have bed bug bites all over my ankles and feet. No sign of them traveling home with me. I also left my travel bag on the floor of the hotel room that night, so I made sure to clean the bag...

Checked sheets, mattress cover, and mattress - no sign of bed bugs. 3 days at the hotel, no bites.

My friend and I stayed here. Very clean hotel. However, we both got one bug bite a piece. Could have been a mosquito, but those are usually located in the south and warmer environments. More likely to be a bed bug we think. Super itchy.

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