401 W 48th St
New York, NY 10036-1270

Found 3 reports:

Bed bugs were found in multiple apartments throughout this building. On the fifth floor, initial fumigation in November seemingly did nothing and the bugs returned within a month. A secondary inspection revealed bugs in every room.

Adjacent building at 703 9th Avenue: major bed bug infestation in spring of 2008 in my unit. Landlord sent exterminator multiple times and paid for cleaning of bedding. When I moved out in the summer of 2008, landlord refused to pay for furniture destroyed by bed bugs and said "I don't know what you do or where you go, you probably caused the bugs".

Other tenants reported bedbugs at location.

401 W. 48th Street, Apartment 3S

January 2008 - March 2009

Had multiple episodes of bed bug infestation. All three roommates were waking up with huge red, itchy welts. Had the apartment exterminated 3 times. Landlord was accommodating and paid in full for extermination and laundry expenses. However, when we left we had to throw away all beds and furniture which we were not reimbursed for when we moved out.

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